Starting with Rekluse fitted

I have had a rekluse and the hand rear brake fitted to my 01 426 for about 6 weeks and so far have only ridden on MX track and find it has been the best money I have spent. It just makes riding so much easier for me as I had trouble using the foot rear brake effectively and stalling the bike a lot. Since I have had the rekluse no stalling and found I am able to brake a lot later in to corners and have more control.

I had my first race with the rekluse fitted on the weekend and first heat the bike stalled just before gate dropped. I am not sure why I think possibly carby problem as it was stinking hot and high humidity I had the rear brake on as I opened throttle it just died. For the next heat I increased the idle speed a bit, held on the rear brake and slowly opened throttle to start clutch trying to drive and as gate dropped released brake and throttle wide open. Fifth into first corner which is better than my usual fifteenth. Also my lap times were 5 seconds faster so except for the first race stall I am very happy with the rekluse.

What methods do others use for starting a MX race with the rekluse. I have read other posts were they say they continually get the holeshot but don't explain the procedure to get off the line first. I also was starting in second gear.

Thanks for any info


Kaj Coulter

i have the perch adjuster on my 450, so i dont have quite the same issues as you do with the relocated brake lever. if your getting to the first turn in fifth place out of 15 with a gate full of 450s i would say that your doing pretty good. it will take a little time to get the feel of the clutch and to learn exactly what point it engages.

I put my bike in second gear, then I give it just enough gas that wants to start creeping and wait for the gate to drop. In my last race I beat everybody to the first corner by a whole bike length (+25 class). If your light enough you can take off in third. I don't think you need to use the rear brake, try the front brake instead. Just remember practice, practice, practice :cry:

Front brake, load it up until the front tire almost starts to push. If you have a concrete start, gentle on the throttle or you'll smoke the rear tire. As soon as you get off the pad, nail the throttle.

If you go up to 14/52 gearing you can probably get a better start in 3rd gear.

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