What output in Vac would I expect from my '95 XR600 stator 'unloaded' if it was working correctly?

Mine gives out between 5 - 18 Vac depending how hard its kicked. It also gives the correct resistance ie between 50 - 200 ohms [83 ohms] (post 1991)

Does this sound enough?

It stopped suddenly (no spark) and took the clutch with it-cable ok and it presses the plates out but no clutch...

Does this sound like a dead stator?


i am having same problem but my clutch works ohms sound corect ac volts i am not sure about if it is ok 1 way ,ohms, i would think it is fine my ohms on mine were 78-79 when i put it on cause i had it rewound and checked it gona be looking in to the other parts coil,cdi ,regulator, if my stator checks the same i will know by tonight


If you could let me know that would be great as ive checked everything by their resistances and nothing seems wrong..Ive changed plug and cap tho as matter of course.


well after going over the wiring and checking the stator resistance i come up with 76 ohms which is close enough to what i had when i put it together close counts in ohms i think

checked coil , ok cap,ok

went to carb also i had another 2 bikes to chose parts from if i found something unusual

again the carb removed it tore it apart again looking closely at the needle it was in the middle position mine is running now just getting to much gas but the spark was not very noticable really ,look close when i did start seeing it , it was kinda of a whiteish blue didnt hear any snap though when it fired put plug in and ran just was running really rich

back to the carb, the main jet needle i moved to the highest clip position so it would be farther down in there it improved but did not fix the problem with my mixture screw in all the way it still would sit there and idleand rev up just fine just huffed a little black smoke

i will be investigating it more tommorrow night spent nearly 3 hours there tonight checking and dinking around

let me know what you have found out also


Hi again bootlegger:

Ive checked the coil, the pulser coil and gap and the stator. All conform in terms of resistance. Ive also disconnected the kill switch and checked its feed wire for a short to earth.

Im confident that there isnt a spark as I tested it with a new plug and cap in near darkness...

This leaves the wiring, the cdi and poss the stator if it has a 'shorted turn'.

I dont have any spare parts to sub in so i was going to wind a test exciter coil on two of the spare pegs on the stator to rule that out.

As far as over fueling goes the original plug was a good brown colour, not black.

Keep me posted-cheers

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