Under Jersey chest protector

Well Ive looked at all the chest protectors out there and cant seem to decide which one would be the best to use under the jersey. Im tired of buying colorfull $50 jerseys and then covering them up with a dingy looking old chest protector.

The biggest concern I have is that I still want some shoulder and back protection, but dont want to wear a pressure suit style protector...(too hot).

So I ask the question... Which protector is the best for under jersey wear without compromising shoulder and back protection, or being too hot to wear?

thanks for any help

dave :cry:

Hey Dave,

I actually have the SixSixOne under the Jersy Quadrant protector. I actually wish I bought the full protector, the only prob with it is that it is rather still, but does provide decent protection. It had ribbed padding on the front and double padding on the shoulders...I think EVS has one also, but my only complaint about rthe SixSixOne is the stiffness it has...

The EVS flux isnt that bad to put under a jersey. It doesnt look too much like a football pad and works like a full protector.

But look at it this way, you either put on the dingy chest protector or the dingy jersey. Eventually they both get ruined.

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