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Tough race

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Had a tough race this past weekend. :cry: The place was just too muddy I guess, but the past few races have been mud runs and I haven't had any trouble. The bike just didn't want to pull 3rd gear as I had to clutch the thing like a 2 stroke. And any time I hit 4th, the bike would come close to stalling. I even got off the bike at one point thinking a stick was hung in the brakes or spokes, but it checked out ok. My guess right now is that so much mud accumulated on the tires, which wouldnt clean very well and around the front sprocket that is robbed the bike of its power. At least that is what I am hoping happened. This is the 1st time I have ridden this bike and complained about it. I'll be glad when the 450X is available, I'm sure it will pull even with the mud clogged mechanisms.

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