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WB Carbon Pro. Lets talk about jetting it.....

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SO I get this sexy new Carbon pro and put it on my bike. It comes with a WB "Powerfilter" air filter and a 158 MJ. Instructions say to drop the clip 2 positions(raising the needle) and install the 158 (stock MJ is a 168). This tells me that they are saying the carbon pro will be RICH on the MJ and lean in the midrange-right? I have several friends with 04 250 & 450's that said that jetting won't work at all and to run stock jetting. So I did. I ran it for 20 minutes hard moto and checked the plug. WAAYYYY LEAN.....white with aluminum specs. I see a pro at the track with one and we talk. He says drop the clip 1 position and that he is running a 162- saying your rarely on the main jet (full throttle). I drop the clip one and leave the 168 main in. Ride some more. Still WAAAYYY lean. Drop the clip again- and rode the rest of the day. I did not check the plug yet but now the mid to full throttle pulls noticably harder. I pulled a holeshot ( I have video proof!) so friggin Huge against a gate full of intermediates and experts it was like they were all on 50's. I am anxious to see what the plug looks like. But as lean as it has been, I cant see dropping the MJ all the way to 158. Anyone have any thoughts????????????

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