tickover on a 450

how much tickover should i have on a yzf450 & how do you know when you are right?? i dont have a tacho meter to setup.it keeps stailing on tight tracks. any help with this would be appricated. :cry:

It's up to you, really. 1500-2000 is called for, but if it actually idles, it's OK. Some will run it up a little to help avoid stalling, or to reduce engine braking, but otherwise, it really isn't that critical.

A Flywheel weight will help reduce stalling.

What is tickover ? :cry: Never heard that term before :cry:

What is tickover ? :cry: Never heard that term before :cry:
That's English, excuse me, British, for idle speed.

Raise the idle and even your coasting speed will be faster. It works!

many thanks for your help :cry:

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