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ocotillo ride report

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It was late friday night when i got the message from crazy ten toes. "do youu wanna ride tommorrow?" well the surf was flat and i had no hot date for saturday night but i really wanted to sleep in and not spend a whole day riding(I've been exhausted since last weekends race and really need to sit on my butt for a good amount of time!) "yeah, lets go ride mc cain valley" I said thinking we could drive there in an hour and ride the entire place in three. "ah that place is boring " said C10T" lets go to painted gorge" I said" it may be closed for sheep F#$%ing" which i think is when the hippies walk up the canyon on foot and well you get the picture.

So we headed out gettin to ocotillo around noon, had a quick cold one to unwind from the drive and geared up to ride. We headed towards painted gorge cross country, i hate riding trail in the dez, just go straight there, and ended up dropping down a really easy chute into the wash at PG. As soon as we hit the bottom I smelled patchouli and felt the malicious stare of vegan eyes. I thought that the canyon must be closed but since we didnt go through the entrance we were not sure. well we rode down to the gate to make sure and sure enough there were six guys on the other side going "how the hell did you guys get in there?" We went under the gate, being the good law abiding citizens that we are and had to figure out where to go.

"Hmmmm" said I "lets go to the blu-in for a cold one" I was actually joking but when C10T said "okay" i knew there was no backing down. We blasted cross terain through miles and miles of wild flowers(my boots were yellow with pollen. After a while we stopped where C10T picked up a real cool piece of fossilized coral which now resides in my classroom! C10T says" Ikinda feel bad about riding over all those flowers." "heck" said I"we are pollinating them!" as I roosted him with a nice shower of purple, yellow red and dirt.

We picked up the power line road coverd some good distance, rode through the badlands to the blu-in and enjoyed a cold one. C10T got a splash of gas and we were off to superstition. More real cool washouts and wide open sections all covered in wild flowers. We blasted along the sand Highway and looped back to the truck making it just befor dark. A great ride, but we had to head home.

We stopped in Alpine for a burger and ended up hanging out at Alpine ATV and Cycle and having a couple of corona lights(shops beer of choice) and shooting the S#$t with Dean the owner. We then headed back to good old san diego and I promptly fell asleep after a quick little afternoon ride.

See ya in the DEZ


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