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Washington OHV'ers prepare to get SCREWED (or contact the legislature)

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Olympia is already off & running on lots of goodies to screw the off road community.

Here's a sample of bills underway:

One good one in the whole bunch: Unknown Companion Bill HB1003 Allowing Off-Road Vehicles on Non Highway Roads (One good bill afterall). This is the one that we tried to get passed last session but the lawmakers couldn't do their jobs so it died before final passage. We need to support this one early and it will help open up more riding for all of us, gives the ATV'ers more roads to ride on too which will hopefully take some pressure off of our trails.

HB 1029 Companion Bill SB 5031 ATV Age & Operator Certificate Basically both bills are the same, one in the house and one in the Senate. If passed, we would ALL be required to posses a safety certificate while riding, or prove that we have at least five years of ATV experience. Also, anyone between ages 12 and 16 would be prohibited from riding any thing over 90cc. Under 12 would be prohibited from riding anything over 70cc. My understanding is that this bill appleis to ATV's but I am NOT sure of that. Either way, if bikes aren't affected now, you can bet they will be soon enough!

SB 5099 Companion Bill Unknown Modifying Motor Vehicle Emission Standards (they want to Kalifornicate us). This may affect the Off-Road Community as well as on road. SB 5099 - DIGEST Provides that, on or before December 31, 2005, the department shall adopt rules, in accordance with the provisions of chapter 34.05 RCW, to implement the light duty motor vehicle emission standards of the state of California, and shall amend these rules from time to time, in accordance with changes in emission standards in California. These regulations shall be applicable to motor vehicles with a model year 2009 and later.

Provides that, after adoption of rules specified in this act, no vehicle shall be registered in the state for model year 2009 or later unless the vehicle: (1) Is consistent with the vehicle emission standards adopted by the department of ecology; or (2) Has seven thousand five hundred miles or more. Repeals 1991 c 199 s 229 (uncodified).

SB5089 Companion Bill HB 1455 Noise & Property Limits of 600 Ft for riding your ORV on YOUR land! This Bill makes it so you can not ride or operate an ORV with in 600 feet of your property line. It also has ORV vehicles must meet new sound muffling standards to 96db.


Senators Sheldon, Fraser (sound familiar?), Kline

HB 1455 - DIGEST

Limits use on lands zoned as residential within six hundred feet of another property owner's residence, or within six hundred feet of another property owner's barn, stable, penned area, or similar structure or confined area occupied by any livestock, as defined by RCW 16.36.005, in a repetitive manner or on a track for purposes of recreation or practicing for races, jumps, tests, or similar purposes.

Provides that a person who is guilty of violating this provision is subject on the first offense to a fine of not less than one hundred dollars. On each subsequent violation, the person is subject to twice the amount of fine as on the last infraction.

And drum roll please, for the infamous Thurston County and Misappropriation of NOVA Funds (Senator Fraser) (I see there is already a thread on this little gem so I'll post that part in the other thread).

We've got to stop letting these people take away our riding opportunities without a fight! If you don't know who your district representatives are, follow this link and type in your address:


You can also respond via phone 1-800-562-6000 is the hotline for the legislature. Just call and they will ask you where you live, and take your opinion and pass it on to your representative and any other rep you specify. This works well.

The web page is


You can do the same thing from there, plus track these bills, see when they will be brought up in Committee, etc.

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Check the Legislature's website frequently. These Bills come up quick and move VERY fast!

Get your letters, emails & phone calls in NOW. Even if your rep is not on a committee discussing the bill, the other reps will listen if you give them a good reason to.

I received a call from an upset rep in another district last year who claimed I was scuttling his tag fee increase. I'd sent emails opposing it to each rep on the committee it was to be discussed in. After listening to his reasoning, I decided to recind my opposition (but not whole heartedly) and the bill did pass. Of course the bill that would let us use non-highway roads didn't but it wasn't for lack of effort from that rep.

So, they do listen but you gotta tell them. Get the info out to everyone you know and have them at least call & oppose the crappy bills!

A correction was made to my first post - SB5889 is actually SB5089 and Fraser is spelled F-r-a-s-e-r!

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