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Exhaust valve leaking

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Tore my 250f down for next season, doing a new piston, timing chain, etc... I did the contact cleaner test and one of the exhaust valves is leaking. I have had to do two adjustments on the valves (Over two seasons) , each time they were slightly tight. I have thought about replacing all the valves but money is def. a factor.

Bike was running great when I took it apart., and the valves were still in spec.

Should I try to clean the bad valve and seat, or maybe lapp it and see if it will seal?

I would perfer to replace the valves in a few months when my seasonal bussiness is actually making money...

If I do a total valve job what should I get,

Valves, springs, retainers, and what else??

Do it now or later?????

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