Duct tape for rims

I think most have at some point done this.

I don't on my BRP because, I use double rims locks front and back. For the front because it makes it balanced and stops the valve stem from moving on hard braking. It is hard enough fitting two rim locks in the narrow front without fighting rim locks taped down. The rubber lets you move the rim locks away from the rim. I use a 16" intertube from my sons CR80. I cut an endless strip off the top outside of the tube for the front 21" and one from the bottom inside for the back 18". It is thicker then the a cheap china rim liner and won't come apart at the valve stem. Of corse if your son hasn't made his stock CR80 back tire flat your out of luck ;o)

I use duct tape but I have never duct taped my rim locks. I run a thin line of duct tape approximately the same width as the cheap stock rubberband, around the rim about 3 or 4 times. Then cut the holes for the rim locks and valve stem. I then use the cheap stock rubber band.

Yep, wrap it 3-4 times with duct tape and run a punch through to make the holes in the tape. Some guys use plumbers 10 mil tape, kinda like thick electrical tape.You can cut the roll of tape on a band saw to the right width.Did you really mean to say "taped down rim locks"??

I am talking of using two rim locks in the front and the duct tape holing the second one from popping up. It seems the duct tape gets in the hole and really screws with me. I never put the duct tape over the rim lock but, that is what it sounded like I was saying. It just seems to screw with the front if using two rim locks so, I found something that works better. I guess if I would spend the time to trim back the tape?? But, no need now the thick intertube is the ticket for me.

Duc tape ( or speed tape as it is known out west here) is a perfect and needy replacement for the rubber band that come on all bikes. I've used it since my first Husky (69 250 8 speed in 1970), all my Honda's and Kawasaki's. First thing while changing fork oil and tranny oil, tightening down nuts and change out rubber bands on both wheels when installing HD tubes. It's only there to block the sharp edges of the spoke nipples. One or two wraps does it. Cut holes for rim lock(s) and valve stem. :cry:

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