RaceTech Gold Valve Kits

I had posted on an earlier thread that I revalved my front forks with the Racetech Gold Valve kits and absolutely love the response with their kit after riding this weekend :cry: . Compared to stock-There is no comparison. :cry: Has anybody else revalved and what do you think :cry:

I was very happy with the Gold Valves.

Did you remove the mid-valve and install a check-plate?

I just had my second ride after having Dominick at Race Tech replace my shock spring and fork springs. He set my sag for me (under 45 min. ) and I just got it all dialed in :cry: I didn't have it revalved cause Dom' said since my "05" WR450 still hasn't settled to wait. But I got to say I can't belive the difference in performance :cry: Race Tech and Dominick are the best :cry:

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