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4 stroke Engine guy needed

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My little XT is in a bit of trouble. I have always kept up with routine stuff. Religious about oil change and air filter. But now I am in trouble. Bike was running pretty much OK. Noticed gas in air box. Looked for advice in general forum.. Checked valves. Long story short, they are in spec. Checked clearance only. That is all I know to do. Noticeing engine noise and a general not quite right. What I would like is someone who could actually ride/listen, diagnos and help fix. I have all tools needed and then some :cry: (yes, 3 sets of everything is a man thing, I can cope with that), a good place to work and a good area to test ride. I do not want to take bike to dealer and have them fix. Because I do want to learn how to do stuff myself. Quick study. Not looking for freebie. More than happy to pay someone for the help. I live in Brooksville, FL area. Any takers?

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