Hey guys, can someone tell me how I can post a pic on my avatar, and personal pic :cry: All my pic's are larger than the max kb's for posting. How did you all do yours :cry::cry::cry: : Any help is appreciated :cry:

It depends on the photo program you have. MS photo editor has an image resize and crop photo option so you can clip the best part of the pic and then shrink it down to 80 X 80.

If you don't have those features maybe you can do it through Photobucket. Upload you pic, then under the edit option reduce the size as much as you can, then save the smaller pic back to your hard drive, then upload the smaller pic again and reduce it again and......tell you what, send me the picture and I'll shrink it for ya and send it back.

Here is a link to download an excellent open source (free) image manipulation program:

You can use this to reduce the size of your pics (among many other things)....

Ken, drop me a PM, and I'll give you my email address, you can mail it to me, I will shrink it down to fit and send it back if you like. Otherwise, open it in maybe "paint" and then in the toolbar, look for something to change the size. Keep it to about 80X80.

Thanks FROSTBITE :cry: Using ms photo organizer did the trick :cry:

Cool, :cry: nice avtar. :cry:

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