FMF power bomb??

another rock dent in my hi flo header, time for a new one. i was wondering about the power bomb. is it worth the $? the mags say it works, but i need proof. please let me know.

thank you

ride fast-take-chances=have fun!!!

I just got a FMF Powerbomb and rode with it on last weekend and I love it. Especially since I don't have to take it off to get to the oil filter. There seems to be more mid range power. The thing just rips through anything.

Hey Crazyadam,

If you dented your header why not repair it? I repaired mine that had a HUGE crease in it! I have pics and a explanation on how to fix it CLICK HERE

Maybe you want to spend $180 for a new header? But for around $20 you can fix the one you have now and any other bends in the future! Hope this helps,



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

i use a powerbomb header with the std euro tailpipe and i could feel the difference in second gear.

they say that to feel a difference you have to produce about 1 bhp on smaller bikes.

that would sound about right. it's a low to midrange hit.


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