Modified 05WR450 exhaust insert

Hey gang,

For those of you that like to fabricate, attached are photos of my "modified" stock baffle / insert. Obviously we all hate the insert, thus we remove it. But for those of us that still have to pass 94 Dba sound checks (MI) here is a nice little option.

The real NICE difference is that with the insert removed and the cover in place you get a lot of hissing and extra noise due to exhaust gasses bouncing around in the tail cone trying to work their way down and out the hole. This insert funneled the gasses down and out the hole with no added back pressure and it actually sounds quieter.

I'll have sound readings hopefully in a day or two to show the with and without numbers.

Performance wise I notice NO impact to the ride, of course I haven't done any of the free mods yet. Their NEXT.

Nice job. Great idea.

That is cool, you could sell those. I like this exhaust system. It gives you a few different options. I wonder if leaving the spark arrester screen out helps at all. I was thinking a couple of well placed holes drilled in the area behind the screen area might let out a little more power. :cry:

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