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TV Coverage Sucks!

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I'm sitting here at 10:15, supercross, whicle being a day late, must wait for one of the 6 or 7,000 College Basketball games to finish! My wife and baby have been in bed for over an hour, so should I have been, I already know the result, but waiting another day to watch on tape is going to piss me off! Why wasn't it shown last night, the Superbowl?, they didn't have superbowl coverage at all on ESPN2, it was frickin Cheerleading (high school no less). The perverts at ESPN2 must like em young! I'm tired of being the red headed step child of sports. Where is the money Jerry? Pay these guys what they deserve, a privateer finishing in tenth, deserves to be a millionaire!! Where's the money Jerry!!The only way we will get respect is if Clear Channel starts paying some money out! Where's the money Jerry! Maybe some of the manufacturers should start paying some purse money, I don't know. But one final question, Where's the money Jerry!

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