Best place to buy keihin fcr carb

I was wondering where the best place to buy one of these carbs?? I would like to get good support cause I know these carbs are hard to get the jetting right. I know XR's only sells them but thats the only place I know. :cry:



Hey thanks michaeln for the info their price is actually cheaper than xrs only. :cry: What for jetting are you using on your carb maybe I can use that as a starting point. Do these carbs have a pilot and main jets like the stock one?

Which every place you go with,, the ones mentioned,, or Sudco, or Carb Parts ... make sure you know which FCR your getting,, there are versions with out choke, with Hot start, with TPS, , ect ect.. The cheapest version, has no choke, tps or hot start,, and is often the version used to make up a "cheap" kit,,,, with optional "Upgrade" (and cost) if you want the choke..

Just make sure your comparing like carps in the different kits and shops offering them.

there are 3 versions of the FCR....i have a brand new one on my Husky 510. Its the 41mm with hot start, choke, and the flange (like KTM's)...

I hate Keihins and Mikunis....make me an offer so i can get an Edelbrock!

I've posted my jetting here more than once. You can find it with the search engine.

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