2005 WR450 popping

I took the baffles out of my 450 and now get a popping on some decels. I heard that I can turn out my fuel screw a 1/2 turn and see if that takes care of the lean condition. Where is it?

Do you still have the AIS on the bike? If so, that's what is likely causing the popping on deceleration. If memory serves, the AIS reintroduces unburned gases into the exhaust system to completely burn, thereby reducing emissions. Removing the baffles didn't create the popping, it just made it easier to hear. Get the Lowedog removal kit for $30, pull out the AIS and you should have no more problems...and, as an added bonus, now you'll be able to fit in a larger fuel tank :cry: ...SC

Try going up a size or two on the pilot, usually the culprit when it comes to decel popping. Plus it looks like winter is finally here so you might want to guess a bit on the fat side since colder air will tend to worsen a lean condition.

On the 05 they plugged the fuel screw to a fixed position. You have to remove the plug on the outside of you float bowl and buy an adjustable fuel screw. :cry:

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