Aftermarket Pipe

Hey Guys, shopping for pipes again. I have an 04 450. I'm looking at the White Brothers E2 pupe for best price I can find of $294, Anyone have opinion on pipes? I would like to stay at 300 or under. Don't race weekly, mostly run trails, but ride track too. I like the E2 because it comes with the spark arrestor insert, or the end cap for closed track.

What about big guns, fmf, pro circuit...anything out there compete with the white brothers?

thanks fellas.

MO_YZ450F :cry:

I cant begin to tell you how perfect the Dr. D exhaust system is for the YZ450F.

Doug Dubach approved. Its the best pipe and its $300 less than the "competition" from FMF, Pro Circuit, etc. This pipe RIPS on the YZ450F.

Dr. D

I like the FMF Ti4 on mine. Wide, smooth, strong low and mid, good top end. Gets rid of the soft spot that some people think is a Hit at around 7-8000. A little pricey compared to the Dr.D, but people change pipes all the time, and if you can find a used one, they work very well.

I've got the FMF Factory 4. It's loud but it fits good, works well and they sell a spark arrestor that bolts on in about 30 seconds.

I have the pro-ciruit t-4 slip on fits great and looks good. Better than that big thing yamaha sticks on there.

i have run the fmf slip on with power bomb header, m4 carbon, factory and dr d.

the dr d is by far the best. the others seem like they stop pulling about 1500 rpm earlier. the oly problem is i crashed and trashed my dr d. so, im looking for a replacement if anyone has one.

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