Edelbrock QS carburetor settings ANYONE???

OK, I installed my Edelbrock carb just the way it came, with the 19E needle in it... I got it to fire up once, but after that all it wants to do is flood out.

:cry: Can anyone tell me which needle to use and how many clicks to start out using? :cry:

My bike is "uncorked"... exhaust drilled out 2", K&N air filter, HRC 42mm carb intake manifold.

There has to be someone out there who knows something that works by now... :cry: Can anybody help me? :cry:

Sounds like you got trouble. Mine is 16 clicks on the needle. and 3 turns out is a good place to start on the pumper. I have a 19 needle in one and a 17 in the other.

:cry: THANKS :cry: for the guidelines! I'll try 16 clicks with the 19E needle and 3 turns out on the pumper and post results... :cry:

Mine wouldn't run worth a dang with the 19E while using the stock drilled tip with the baffle disc intact and a UNI - Seems like they assume that you are running a free flowing can and have some holes in the airbox cover. I swapped out to the leaner needle and got it running great with the drilled tip. With the HRC tip it seems more likely that the 19E would work adjusted down a bit.

I'm fearfull of opening up the side cover - sometimes I find mud puddles that get up over the top of the carb! :cry:

where did you guys get your edelbrocks from? Ive been waitin 6 months for mine and Im about ready to find another source. I keep hearing any day now.

Re: edelbrock settings

i played with it for a couple of days and this is what i came up with..........

at sea level with stock pipe, HRC tip, UNI filter and airbox mod mine is set at

19e needle

12 turns out

1 1/2 out on the pump

my bike runs like a raped ape and i couldnt be happier with the edelbrock QS :)

i bought mine from barnum.


jws, when did you get from Barnum and how long did it take?

i want to say like last april and it took about a month :)

I just ordered one from Barnum - they told me 2 week backlog.

I was told that the backlog was more like 2 months. Anybody have a source that has them in stock?

I ordered mine (2) in May from Barnum. I got one mid September and the second, in December. If you get it from Barnum use your credit card. If you pay cash others might get theres before you do.

OK, it's official... My Edelbrock is DIALED-IN with the 19E needle @ 15 clicks and 2&3/4 turns out on the pumper!!! :)

FYI: I bought mine on ebay for :o $400 ;) and the guy had a hundred for sale a few months ago... maybe he still has some? Just search for edelbrock xr650r on ebay.com :)

:D THANK YOU :D for everyone's input!!! You made it a lot easier for me to dial-in my QS! :p

Glad you got it dialed in. I will probably be back here getting tips on mine if I ever get it.

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