XR600 Clutch No Go

My 95 XR600 clutch stopped working suddenly out on a run. Took the clutch cover off and when the lever is pulled only the top plate moves, is this right or does it indicate the problem? There were no nasty noises, working one minute then stopped the next...

It doesnt work at all, its not slipping.

Are there any obvious weak points to check first?

Any ideas welcome


When you say the clutch has stopped working do you mean it doesnt disengage when you pull up or doesnt drive the bike at all?

You say the pressure plate is the only part that moves when you pull the clutch in- this is normal. You'll need to dissassemble the whole clutch and check the plates and springs and even the gear on the clutch basket and the primary drive gear on the crankshaft too. Let me know how you go it is uncommon for XR6 clutches to go like that, the worst thing i've seen happen is a severely slipping clutch which was normal wear and tear.

Good luck,



Didnt make that clear-the clutch doesnt act at all. It is not stuck on (ie like a permanent neutral) or slipping.

When the lever is pulled as tho to activate the clutch, the cable, arm and rod seem to move correctly and at least one plate moves but the clutch does not engage ie. when in gear, rocking the bike back and forth, pulling the clutch lever, when youd expect the clutch to engage and then be able to push the bike forward, instead it has no effect at all. The bike remains in gear as it were..



Your clutch basket is probly notched out. need to disasemble the cluth to check

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