is the o5 yz250 fasyer the the wr450f

guy's what is the faster bike in a straight line..

o boy here we go again. :cry:

it depends on how they are geared but stock, the wr 450 will be faster in a straight line cuz it has a WIDE ratio gear box.

sorry guy's I'm new to this.. i did do a search but it didn't show the topic that i asked sorry for any inconvenience.. :cry:

I would say below 40 mph the YZ250 is quicker but after that the WR450 is faster and has the torque to get up and go from higher speeds. :cry:

It has been said that, in the hands of equal riders,

the 2 stroke will go faster but will require more rider effort and attention to detail.

The 4 stroke will be easier to ride fast for a longer period of time but you won't feel as fast. "Feeling" doesn't mean you are not going fast, I just means the bike requires less rider input to position and handle the bike.

The YZ will be quicker (time)

THe WR will be faster (speed)

At a recent desert race (DMC) my buddy and I lined up next to each other for the bomb run (~1 mi.), he on a yz250 (tweeked), me on a WR450F. It was a dead engine start so I got off just a little quicker with the button but he quickly caught and passed me. I caught him just as I grapped 4th and we stayed side by side till the end of the bomb, he was WFO and I was half throttle 5th gear. I didn’t dare go any faster because the front was washing badly in the whoops.

Ordered the GPR stabilizer the next day so that next race he’ll have a different view of me. :cry:

How long is the straight line ?

I have both, so I can comment on this matter. I posted a riding comparison a few weeks back. Do a search under my name.

As mentioned before, the wide ratio box on the WR gives it a greater top end. However, gearing the YZ could make you match it.

Power wise they probably make similar numbers, however in very different places in the power band, the YZ being much more responsive in the mid range. Very different bikes in their characteristics and use. That why I wanted both :cry:

lets say to top gear will the yz bet the wr...1st 2nd 3rd 4th what will be quicker standed gearing...

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