Stupid Oil Change Question

I have a couple of questions about changing the oil:

-Do you always replace the Oil Filter?

-Not sure where the crankcase is at - is it where the Oil filler cap sits?

-When cleaning the Oil Strainer frame do you just use a damp cloth

Thanks - I don't want to screw this up :cry:


first to know what bike we re talking about. at least because of the oil filter type

you will never need to clean the strainer

The bike type is a WR450 2005 - the manual suggests cleaning the strainer. Their are a lot of steps in the manual - are these all required? Thanks

Buy a Scotts SS filter and clean it about every 4 changes.

Check the strainer.

Yamaha uses Yamabond adhesive as a center gasket and sometimes the excess comes loose inside the motor and ends up in the strainer, not the filter.

We have even taken the drain bolt out of the frame end nothing came out because a chunk of Yamabond stopped up the drain hole.

I dont check it all the time, But always on the first 2-3 changes and every 10 or so after that.



I would check the strainer at the end of the season. When I have checked mine and there is nothing in the screen.

Purchase a Stainless steel oil filter($70), and a magnetic drain plug($15).

Paper oil filters can run $13 bucks a wack and it's cheaper and better in the longer run. Clean the filter every change.

Drain the oil from the drain plugs at the rear bottom(faces rear wheel) of the engine and from the front downtube of the frame.

Change the oil and clean the filter every 100 to 200 miles of trail riding or each race. Oil is cheap insurance. :cry:

:) Scotts make an oil filter made of stainless steel. It's about 70 bucks but, you will have it paid for in about 5 intervals.

We kind of derailed your post...Sorry.

1. Do you always replace the filter?

No, especially if you invest in a washable type. Depending on your oil change intervals some guys push the paper ones a couple of changes. My vote is that it depends on how the filter looks. If it's dirty and filled / covered in crud then clean or replace.

2. Where is the crankcase?

First off it's not a stupid question, obviously your new to the mechanical side of bikes. That's OK, and its what we're all here for. The crankcase is simply the entire bottom half of the motor. It contains the "crankshaft assembly" hence its name, as well as the transmission and everything else below the cylinder and head. The crankcase is comprised of two halves (left and right). It also has a left and right side cover. The LH side cover has the fill plug you referenced in it.

3. Cleaning the strainer?

This is one of those items that it doesn't hurt to check for debris but often times it's spotless. And as posted above check it every once in a while and at least once a season. Being that it is a screen just spray it off with some carb cleaner or with compressed air. Just wiping it with a rag doesn't get the yuck out of the screen. The crud with just get stuck in the pores of the screen.

Now, on to a more specific question. After you PM'd me I looked at the service manual, it is a little more entailed than need be. It appears as if they book would like you to change the filter, clean the screen, and drain the feed lines from the engine to the frame EVERY TIME you change your oil. Most of use only do a complete job like that when we find something we don't like in our oil (METAL CHIPS). If the oil change is a normal looking one then only do the filter and both drain plugs (pg 3-23 #3 & #5)

Make sense.

Working on your ride will get fun. I'm sure at first its seeming like a overwhelming money pit with more questions and concerns than answers. And it is! But the fun of riding takes care of all that!

Twist the throttle, have fun, and most importantly keep the questions coming.


I clean my filter every time i change my oil, It's only three bolts and easy to do. I like to know if there is any metal in it to give me a heads up on any major problems, there usually is small amounts of shiny flakes but they are nothing to worry about. I have two metal filters so i always have a clean one to put in, its quick and easy. I bought a yamaha steel filter for 20.00 euro, should be around 27.00USD

:) Good response Trail Rider Joe

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