Hub question?? Yz wr 04

Just wondering if the hubs are interchangeable, on the the front has a different product number but the rears are the same number, anyway anyone know if I can use yz hubs on a wr both are 04 models...

Yes, but you'll also need the right side spacer, as the YZ hub has no provisions for the odometer drive that's used on the WR. Also, you might want to check the part #'s on the axles, to be 100% they're the same diameter, I know that the fork tubes themselves are 46mm on the '04 WR, & 48 on the '04 YZ. I don't think the axles changed, but better safe than sorry. :cry:

Thanks all the other part numbers are the same, axle and spacer. I guess the hub part number is different just because of the odometer in the wr vs. the yz. I forgot it had one as I took mine off, in favour of the trailtech. The odometer is the only reason I can see to have different part numbers.

Thanks so much!

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