How much fork oil, '05 YZ450F

Im doing a spring swap on my 450, dumping out the old oil and adding new. :cry:

How much oil to add? Im assuming this measurement is with the fork collapsed and measured down to the oil line?

Thank You!!


ANYONE? :cry:

You did not get a manual with your bike?

For the inner chamber, you fill up to above the taper, than install the top compression assembly, pump the forks 10 times and bleed off the excess fluid. Usually around 190-220 cc.

The outer chamber (which may be as far as you are going with just a spring swap) takes 245cc. Add about 5-10cc more to help bottoming resistances. Spec is 200-300cc

Does anyone have a measurement for this procedure? I am planning on just inverting the forks and dumping out the old oil and replacing w/ new.

Look with the twinchambers, you cannot just dump in fluid and measure.

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