holeshot device

is it necessary,could you do without it.i raced a 250 last year a few times but now i have a yz450f and i havent really worked on starts yet :cry:

They do help keep the wheel down on launch. When you're trying to be the first guy in the corner, every bit helps. You decide how bad you want to be there first.

i raced a 250f last summer indoors and outdoors and i didn't need one

this winter i got a 450 and i put a hotshot device on it and used a a few times, i did really like it, i just didn't seem right to me, when i was riding. i'm gonna sell it!!!!!!

so i did 6 starts, 3 with the hotshot device and 3 without and i didn't seam have a problem with the front wheel coming off the ground at all. see it not what things you can't put on you bike it how you handle your bike! if you just lean forward you woun't have problem with the 450 on starts, also don't start in first gear

I put one on my bike, I noticed a big differnce on starts. It only works good on dirt starts though, Motocross action did a test awhile back, and they acutually lost time on concreate starts with the device, but gained time on the dirt starts. Like I said it helped me alot on starts, And hey all the pros are using them, so there has to be somthing to it??

I don't have one, but I'd like to have one. Any used ones for sale?

I don't have one, but I'd like to have one. Any used ones for sale?

i sent you a pm!!!

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