Toggle on/off gray wire mod?

:cry: Has anyone ever considered putting a switch on their handlebar to toggle between connecting and disconnecting the gray wire? Wouldn't it be interesting [for example] in muddy conditions to be able to use the stock WR450 ignition map? Some people are using expensive ignitions to have control like this. It must have occured to others to try this, so I'm wondering what interesting information is out there.

The way the ignition works, the system only reads the gray wire status at startup. This means you would have to shut off the engine, flip the switch, then restart in order for the change to be recognized. That would be impractical in most cases.

I have a toggle switch for it but I disengaged it. Long story.

It does work.

I've had mine on a toggle since 2000 and like it. As previously said it reads at start-up so you can't flip it on the fly and expect it to work UNLESS you kill the bike in motion, flip the toggle, then restart by bumping with a soft finger on the comp-release (pre auto-decomp). This can be accomplished in about 2 seconds. You need to plan ahead and do it before you get to a hazzard to be effective. If your bike is tuned properly you will notice the difference and it is worthwhile.


I did the gray wire mod but for the type of riding I do (tight woods mostly) I think the gray wire should reamin hooked up, since i disconnected it I cant pull thrid gear wheelies without using the clutch before I did the mod it wasn't a problem.

seemed like i hads a better lower end with it connected

food for thought

Could such a switch also interrupt power to the box (IE - reset button on a PC) to reset it with gray wire attached config? I guess you would have a one in four chance of this power cycle happing durring the compresion stroke and killing the motor.

Na - that wouldn't work......

Robert, been there, done it. I didnt notice a difference when it was one way vs the other. I did this on my old 01 WR426F. I have no grey wire on my current WR.

...i disconnected it I cant pull thrid gear wheelies without using the clutch before I did the mod it wasn't a problem....

Wow, my 04 WR450F will pull the front up in 4th without even a tug. But mine came stock with no throttle limiter screw, no grey wire, no air cleaner snorkel. I didnt even know about the snorkel till yesterdya when I decided I was going to do a free mod upgrade. Buying this Canadian bike was a rip off, I didnt get to do any free mods! I was short changed! :cry::cry: (tounge in cheek of course, I like them when all the power is stock, already installed)

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