Accellerator pump arm pic needed

Hey guys, just wondering if one of you could take a close up pic of the plastic AC pump arm, the one that connects the throttle linkage to the plunger rod. Mine's been broke for a while, Yamaha doesn't sell it as a seperate item, you have to buy the whole carb. I ordered one from Sudco but it took weeks to get here, turned out to be a different part, and I had to order other stuff I didn't need to meet their minimum order requirement.

I could probably give Sudco another shot but I don't want to wait and I still may not get the right part. I'm going to try my hand at whittling and see if I can whip one up out of a chunk of ABS or a broken lever ball or something.

If I had a good pic to go by I may be able to do it, or I could get one of the Inuit carvers in town to make one out of Ivory.


Frostbite. :cry:

No digital pics?

How 'bout a quick sketch then.

It's a little dark here but I will Take one tomorrow if nobody comes through before then. I don't know how to post pics here but I could email it to you.

It's a little dark here but I will Take one tomorrow if nobody comes through before then. I don't know how to post pics here but I could email it to you.

Thanks Rookie, I'd appreciate it. My email is

If you want to post pics here, go to, open a free account, follow their directions and upload pictures from your computer to your new photobucket account. Then open photobucket in one browser and TT in another so you can jump back and forth. Under the thumbnails of the pics in your new PB account you'll see URL, TAG and IMG. Copy the URL name of the pic you want to post by highlighting it and right click and copy. Then jump to your TT post. In your post you can either click on the "insert image" postcardy lookin' thing above which will open a box and you just rightclick in it and hit paste and OK and the image name is installed and it'll look like this.....


, or , you type a word in your post like 'snow wheelie' and then highlight the word or words that relate to the pic and then click on the globe with the sunglasses lookin' thing above. This will open 2 boxes. The first should have the word or words you just highlighted and you just hit OK. This opens a second box where you paste the URL you copied from PB, just like you do in the insert image deal, except now instead of a string of letters and symbols you have a cool link like this snow wheelie

Looks much neater.

A couple of shots of the arm from different angles

Mint! Thanks SXP. :)

I whipped up my AC pump arm yesterday. I used a chunk of teflon that we use on the runners of our kamotiks and ground, drilled, and whittled it down until it looked like the pics and fit the carb. It seems to work fine and I noticed that the metal tang that contacts it is split so you can fine tune it by spreading the split. That was lucky for me since I ground a bit too much off when I was fine tuning and would've had to start over from scratch. I'm not sure when they are supposed to start spraying but I set mine so it starts squirting right off idle. I rode home at midnight in a blizzard so I didn't get much of a chance to test it out but it felt fine.

Thanks SXP for the pics and WRookie for the back up. :)

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