Top Clamp/bars

Looking to replace the top clamp on my BRP,Looking for ideas/Advice on what style/brand to get..

What top clamp I do get I want to retain the trip meter....

I was thinking about Renthal twin bars????

I'm 6'5" and they need to go foward and up a bit...

I have Renthal cr hi bend right now....

Any info greatly appreciated :cry:

I too had an applied top clamp on my BRP with some fatbars. Worked great. I custom made some 3/4" spacers to go under the bar clamps to get some more heighth for my 6'-9" frame. I would imagine anything is better than the stock. BRP (the other BRP, Billet Racing Products) makes some nice looking clamps too.

i have an extra BRP (billet racing products) top clamp with the risers set up for fat bars. i also have the forward mount clamp for the scotts stabilizer.

its all as good as new, used one season, but no dings or scratches...

give me 70% of whatever the pest deal is you can find for top clamp and its yours...

I payed $600 and change for the Scotts, BRP triple clamp, and forward mount piece.

I also have two pairs of fat bars--one gold,one black. Both are perfect. CR bend. Again-- 70% of whatever deal you can find...

This is a good and cheap way to do a significant upgrade to your bike...

Both Applied and BRP are the 'standard' for our bike.

Just FYI, Team Hondas J. Campbell uses the BRP.

brrpr' What brand of fat bars are they,I'll do some price checkin on that stuff.

Sounds like a possible deal..

I take it you don't need the clamp or the fwd. mount kit,What about the Scotts stabilizer ???

Wow, the one dude is 6'9"! Thats awesome. It must look like your riding a 50! :cry: I stand 6'5" and I though I had problems getting the right setup. I have an applied clamp and used to use cr highbends with some homemade risers 1/2 taller. I now have the Fassst bars with the highbend and they are so sweet. I haven't really gotten arm pump since I put the fasst bars on.

Protapers....the Scotts is getting put on to my new Husky...sorry.

pm me if ya wanna buy anything....

Frankstr, I have the exact same set up that brrpr is offering up. I am real pleased with it. You can not go wrong with this set up.

just my .02

Ron Wallace makes a top triple clamp for the 650R that looks just as good as the BRP or Applied. I've been talking with him about making one that a Scotts damper will bolt directly to. The bar mounts will need to be about 1" taller to clear the damper. With this setup the bar mounts could be made with any offset you wanted for forward/ rearward bar position options.

I made a setup like this for my BRP upper clamp and love it. It uses a Scotts forward-mount tower clamp, tower (shortened) and pin. I can access my oil filler. I'm working on a PDA-based GPS that will fit into the bar pad.

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