ironman sprocket

a while back i was involved in a post about 3rd gear going out and the feller had a ironman sprocket on the back. i told him that i was experiencing severe drivetrain harshness(along with rapid chain wear) since the install of my ironman,and wondered if that had anything to do with the trannie goin'out? well after removing the ironman i didn't want to go to another hard moly or stainless (would just be the same more than likely) and i really didn't like the thought of going back to steel (too heavy),so i tried a sprocket specialists "titan tough" anodized aluminum. supposed to last 3x longer than the competitors al sprocket. i put it on sun. morn and went for a spin and it was smooth as silk!!! after a 2 hr ride yesterday it shows no wear at all. even if i gotta change it twice as often i know the chains gonna last twice as long. (and yes i realize the stretched chain will wear the 2nd one a little faster) just the fact that i'm not slammin' the trannie any more is satisfaction enough. we will have to see about how long it lasts. :cry:

I just recently got a batch of Ironman sprockets ( to do my old wheels and new spare wheels) and the quality of the laser cutting of the rear is terrible! I have used Ironman for years and have been very happy with the quality. But recently they must be forgetting to change the tips on the lazer cutter! Both NCMountainman and I got new rear sprockets that looked like someone cut them with a home made file! I am going to a different brand next time. I have purchased 5 rear sprockets, 4 chains and 9 front sprockets from Ironman in the last 2 years. I guess it is time to try the Krause Chrome moly chains and sprockets. :cry:

I've been using the Krause tri-metal chains for 2 years now. Got over 2k miles out of the first. I called to order another one and they said I should send them the original. The other day they sent me a new one to replace the original free of charge! I'm sold on the quality, longevity and great service :cry:

Last year I got an Ironman front and rear sprocket, as well as a new X ring chain. Can't say about the transmission torture, as I have had no problems (yet, hopefully), but the wear has been non-existant. However, like you NCMM and Indy, my rear looked like my 3 year old made it. I was very disappointed in initial quality, but spent the time filing it down by hand. At least it appears to be living up to its longevity claims.... Looks a lot better than stock as well :cry:

Both NCMountainman and I got new rear sprockets that looked like someone cut them with a home made file! :

thats funny :cry::cry::cry: mine looked like they used a chainsaw :cry:


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