lessening clutch pull?

My 05' WR450 clutch pull is a little more than I like. Seems to be well-lubed from the factory so I haven't added cable lube. I'd like to remedy this clutch pull a bit. One idea is to use a longer clutch arm where it comes out of the gearbox for more leverage. Anyone know (if anyone) who makes these?

The second idea is a hydaulic clutch which I've heard of but have no idea how they operate or where they are located on the bike. Can someone recomend a product?

The longer lever out of the gearbox seems like the simpler, cheaper option but I'm open to anything........other ideas/thoughts?


Not knowing how many kms is on your bike I say give a bit of time as it will get easier or your hand will get stronger it's a win-win :cry:

Forget the hydraulic clutch. It is smoother, self adjusting and has better feel but it is not any easier to pull in. Just go with a Rekluse Z-start auto clutch and be happy! :cry:

MSR/Wirtz makes an adjustable perch/lever combo where you have the choice of three different fulcrum/pivot points. You can go easy pull, long throw or hard pull, short throw or inbetween which is almost stock. Have it on my YZF400 to help the girlfriend when she rides it.

Indy why isnt the hydro clutch any easier? I rode my mate KTM on the weekend and fell in love with how light his clutch was-one finger action!! Why would it be any different with the hydro clutch mod to the WR?

I think the WR clutch springs are heavier than the KTM. My KTM magura clutch pull is lighter than the Magura clutch pull on my WR prior to the upgrade to the Rekluse. I think the Hebo unit allows for a lighter clutch pull based on feedback from TT members than the Magura model. :applause:

Thanks for the quick reply mate-my clutch is sooo dam heavy compared to the KTM, I gota do something..might look into the hebo

the gytr lever did wonders for my 400

Yes, the MSR pro raptor DOES lessen clutch pull...but i have had two of them break on me...not levers either, the perch.

The raptors are cast out of the worst crap-slag aluminum, and are very brittle, especially at the perch. The levers dont seem to bend or break, but the perch snaps easily.

Had the MSR clutch perch on my WR with no problems. The final solution is the Rekluse Z start. Can't do without it. No clutch pull!!!!

I went to my dealer and got a clutch acutator arm for a 98 yz400f. It's 5mm longer than the current models (no welding on a 5mm extension to your current part) and made for an easier pull on my 06' yz250f. I found the info by using the search function. I believe I typed in "clutch arm mod." The info came from a 2002 MXA article. Good luck.

wasnt there a mod a few years ago by fitting a Yam xt 350 clutch lever and or clutch perch?.

Just work them hand and forearm tendons

My lever is lengthened and its way easier than any hydro system. You can actually take yours to a welder or machine shop and have them cut it and re-weld it. Or there is another alternative where you get one from another Yamaha, although I cant remember which model fits it..

With it being lengthened I guessing you would have to use your whole hand as your index finger wouldnt be long enough? (due to it being lengthened?)

On my mates KTM however I could easily use one finger all day long. Stuff like this drives me mad-why in the hell dont Yamaha just use quality gear in the first place? Thinking more and more I should have gone KTM...........after all I have to spend all this extra money to get it up to their standard anyhow......

Sorry, I wasnt clear, I meant the clutch actuator lever at the other end of the cable.. The "actuator arm" i think its called...

Hmmm this sounds promising!!! Thanks-I'll head down to my freindly local yammi dealer at lunch and see what he knows about such a lever :applause:

I seem to find more problems with the KTM's over Yami... things like fork seals and wheel bearings.. Teh KTM is known for bolting on trick bits that are proven. Yamaha is know for engineering their own.

The saying goes that the "europeans invent it, the japanese refine it, and the chinese copy it."

Sorry, I wasnt clear, I meant the clutch actuator lever at the other end of the cable.. The "actuator arm" i think its called...

The bike shop had nothing for me-any pics of your extended arm you could post?

I wish I could.. mines in the shop getting a new starter motor. Just go have a look at your bike. pull the lever a few times and you will see the arem move on the back of the engine. Imagine cutting this and adding some length to it. Its simple physics.

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