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2006 wish list

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So what would you RM-Z450 owners like to see on the 2006 models?

o Hand/Thump hot start lever

o Relocate the petcock (that's the thing everyone is concerned about breaking right?)

o Fixes the hoses that are too close to header

o ??

I'm thinking whenever I wear my 2003 YZ450F out I'll probably want to try the new Zuk, My mom's first bike as a 1964 Suzuki, and my first bike (that I paid for myself) was a 1978 RM250, I guess there's still a little yellow in the blood. :cry:

When I first got my YZ everyone was complaining about the 4-speed, after a while I found that most of the complaints were actually due to the carb having too much accerator pump duration and when trail riding (ie. not full throttle) you could cause it to stall with a sudden off/on with the throttle. This is probably why aggressive riders love the YZ450F and C riders sell them fast.


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