Need help with water pump?

Tarfele, next time you go into water pump, no need to release the oil, just lay the bike on left side, but be sure to have all the replacement components at hand

Indy told me the same thing but I don't listen. I drained all the oil but that can't hurt.


And follow the manual, saying to grease the seal lips when installing

You need to understand that water pumps don't leak unless there is a problem. 1) The seal was installed incorrectly and damaged, either roughly installed or no lube used on the lip and the lip was damaged as soon as the first start up. 2) Excessive wear on the sealing surface of the shaft. 3) Excessive wear and movement in the shaft bearing. If you do replace the bearings, you may get a bearing that is sealed. And if so you should remove the seal that is on the oil side of that bearing. When you install the seal the spring faces to where you need to seal and be sure to put on a smear of grease on the seal lip and the sealing surface of the shaft. Lithium based grease is OK but Aluminum based grease is better. When your finished you should not get any show of coolant out of the tell tail hole.

Have fun.

sorry to ask again (in this post this time) does the spring face towards the outside of the bike or the inside? Medial to the bike or lateral? Also, I noticed one of you guys mentioned tipping the bike on its side to access the water pump, do you mean tipping it on its side to access the left case cover in order to pull the shaft out? Does that save the time of draining and refilling the oil ? if i tip it onto the bikes right side?

Thanks guys!!! :thumbsup:

Tiping the bike on its side is to keep you from having to drain the oil. The hollow side of the seal should be facing the fluid that it is holding back. The oil seal will have the hollow side facing the engine, and the water seal will have the hollow side facing away from the engine. Hope this helps.


ill be doin it on my honda 450...your add helps alot...thanks 4 postin pics......dizzle out

thanks you very much! Worked like a charm! No leaks and no problems!

.... pink Toyota coolant. I'm due for a coolant change - guess I'm off to the Toyota dealer :thumbsup:

Or you can use IPONE

WRs have blue blood!


Honda uses a ceramic seal, totally different from the Yama's. Better actually, I wish Yamaha would ante up for the ceramic seal also.

Two questions.

It was below freezing when I fired the bike up. Could extremely cold weather starts contribute to the problem?

Or is it likely the impeller shaft had some damage? The guy did say he checked it thoroughly.



They always seem to leak if its started below freezing temps. Small seal is tougher to seal, and the cold makes the seal rigid. I'd ignore it if its only a freezing cold deal. And whenever you repalce the seal, inspect the shaft. Mine leaked in freezing temps and only had 90 miles on it. Shaft was perfect. I just repalce the seal and neve rhad a problem since. Now up to around 550 miles

Just to update.

I fired the bike up last month when temperatures were well above freezing, about 10 degrees Celsius, and no leak whatsoever.

So I will keep my eye on it.

Thanks for all your input.

do you need to remove all the side cover or you can only remove the water pump?

you only need to remove the waterpump. Pay attention to what people are saying about the shaft, if it is all worn out- mine wasnt too bad, i tried to seat the new seal where there was no wear. Several rides later in very hot temperatures in vegas- no problems!

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