03' 450 Clutch is way too stiff

I just bought a used 03' YZF 450 and the clutch is way too hard to pull in for my tastes. I think it has heavy duty springs. I would like to trade these springs for stock ones or buy the stock ones. How much are stock ones? Thanks!

when i got my 426 the clutch was hard to pull and i got to looking and it had a aftermarket cable on it, so i replaced it with a yamaha cable and it works fine now, The diameter is diffrent between the two, the aftermarket is much smaller in diameter.

try replacing the cable first. I thought the same way you did when I picked up my 400. Put a motion pro which is aftermarket and it works great now. The factory cable is better though

alot of us have done this mod...try it first and see what you think....so far no one has been disappointed!

Here is the "clutch lever" mod as posted by "Gottaroost" on TT. I did this at the same time as the actuator arm.

just drilled my lever out today and relocated the cable barrel closer to the pivot point. Made a big difference! Then lubed it all, including the barrels with TriFlow...very nice feel. Here are some pics. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v174/Satch0922/Motorcycles/PICT0003_1.jpg I used a 21/64 bit for the main barrel hole, then an 1/8 bit to drill out and smooth the area where the cable pulls through. Careful not to drill the main hole too deep.

This is god saying get your wimpy arse in the gym and build grip strength! :)

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