Lots of oil from breather

I have a 2001 wr426. I have had my breather hose routed into my airbox for some time. After a days ride, I usually get about an ounce of oil collected in the airbox. I had just done an oil change the day before my last ride. When we were loading the bikes up, I noticed oil seaping from the airbox joints. I put a container under the box and pulled the plug off. 16 oz. of oil came out :cry: ! I always ride hard and keep the revs high, but have never seen this before. Has anyone had to add that much oil after just one 50 mile ride? I'm thinking of doing a compression test, but the bike ran great, with no loss of power. :cry:

What you described is usually a sign that the crankcase is getting pressurized and forcing oil out the breather hose. The most likely cause of this is worn piston rings and/or valve guides/seals. Start by doing a compression test, but a cylinder leakdown test will tell you more.

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