Cross Country in California

Hello all,

I just joined District 36 in California and am racing my first Cross Country race on March 5-6. I am brand new to this so I am looking for any info I can get. I have a 2001 yz426 with a e-series White Bros pipe. I need to queit it a bit but am not sure if I need to be stock or can get another aftermarket pipe. Also I really am not too sure what to expect in the race. Is there fuel stops? Any special things I need to do to my bike? I don't want to get there and not be prepared. Thanks for any help. R

You will want to quiet the beast. Try a White Brothers E2. Its pretty quiet.

There are usually fuel stops past 45 to 55 miles. Bring lots of hydration, and just ride your own race.

Dont blow your wad in the first 20 miles trying to pass everyone, do that

towards the end.

Also learn how to get your bike to start on 1 kick, as the races are typically dead engine starts.

:cry: Have fun.

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