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Southern midwest ride a success

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Everyone let me tell you this ride was a full blown 5 alarm :D:cry::cry::cry::devil: success :devil: it was insane ..............Major single track that was just an absoult torture chamber had nooooo clue this place was like that but it was awwwwsome :cry: The roads were considerd trails, the trails were just shear terror :D cant wait to do it again :worthy:

this is just a quick post to let everyone know how it went I'm sure everyone else will chime in :D when I get time I willpost details and pics.

BTW the pics. came out great will be getting them to everybody soon :cry:

All I can say is woooooooooow that was unreal riding a true test between men and boys...................... :worthy::D:mad::mad:

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Day one ~ Loop one

We started about 10am and did about 15-20 tight log hopping, tree trimming, rock smashing, mud sliding miles. I never pulled the clutch lever so many times in my life. After the first 30 minutes or so I asked "Are we getting close to the trails yet?" :cry:

We all headed back to the cabin for a bite, which was a mistake! Thats about when I siezed up. Three of us skipped the second loop and stayed back to lick our wounds. :cry:

Day one ~ Loop two

9 of the original 11 rounded out another 20 or so miles for a daily tally of approx. 45 miles. They rolled in about dark.

LBZ cooked up a shit load of Cowboy Steaks (Porterhouse on the bone :devil: ) and we had a few beers rehashed the day and crashed. :cry:

Day 2 ~ Loop 3

We all wanted to ride something a little more open just to see if we still had 2nd and 3rd gear. We managed to ride a few "roads" (trails) where we could let it out a little. There was still plenty of tight stuff on day 2. We all learned to ride standing to ease the painful saddle sores. We were running low on our limited supply of "Monkey Butt Powder".

We saw a lot of new scenary and took a crash course on how to ride a creek bed with moss and algee laden rock bottoms. We tackled a nice hill climb appropriately named Mt. MotherFu#*er. That one claimed a few unsuspecting yankee boyz and provided plenty of material for any competant stand up comic. :cry:

We had lunch on the trail, a bag of penuts and water, and pushed on. At this point we were becoming acclamated to the area and making better time.

Day 3 ~ Free for all.

On the third day we did not have a guide and just went out on our own. We hit our favorite spots. A little bit of everything. We managed about 43 miles on Sunday and LBZ got 2 1/2 hours of helmet cam. Good stuff. We watched that instead of the Super Bowl.


Take our Advil, pack up and drive the 11 hours home. Double D and LBZ did an extra day of riding at LBL on the way home.

Good times. :cry:

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Carter Mountain is a fantastic tight 2nd gear enduro type single track trails system with over 100 miles of trails on 4 loops on 7,000 acres. :D

I prefer Michigan single track that is a little wider! :worthy:

On the first day I had wedged my bark busters 5 times in between two trees that did not want to give! :mad: The trails require bars cut down to 27" or less! :D

First day I played sweep with a large group and had to watch a CRF450 be kicked to death! :devil: I was starting to think that the kick starter shaft was going to break off. :cry:

I was breaking in my freshly rebuilt 490 kit / SS valves motor. Purred great all weekend! I jetted it on the rich side to be safe and when it got to 68 degrees in the afternoons it kept stalling with the clutch pulled in. :worthy: I thought it was me being a little rusty and a new tight motor and not getting the clutch feel back in my head. Later I turned my Zip Ty in all the way and fixed the problem of stalling for the most part. :D 50 pilot was way to rich for those temperatures. :cry:

We had a great group with 11 guys from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana. Every one got along and was cool. :devil:

Second day was more open jeep type trails with some fun mud holes, rocky climbs, creek crossings and tight woods mixed all together in an adventure ride. :cry: The group stayed together better the second day. :mad:

Third day was a high speed blast over the jeep trails and a picture day.

Cabins at the property were great. Hot showers, TV with antenna, full kitchen. The back of the cabins overlooked a cliff with a 2000 foot drop to the valley floor! Very scenic! :cry:

We rode every day from the cabins. Gas station is right across the street. :D

I would plan to go back with narrower bars just for that weekend. Then go back to my 36" Longhorns for more open riding. :cry:

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It is a private property riding club (CMRA) located on the Alabama / Tennessee border. Only 100 members. We had the place to ourselves all 3 days! :cry:

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Well heres my two bits on the ride :mad:

Awesome place that CMRA :worthy: Darrel, Suzy & Mike (tour guides) are great people :worthy: One hell of a family there! Never thought I'd have problems hanging with a 40 something year old lady or a 15 yr old kid :cry: I stand corrected :worthy: Was much tighter then expected :mad: , I wouldn't have any fingers with out the new bark busters (which by the way look nothing like new anymore) I think we've all improved our riding skills. After all the sweat, spit, blood, tears, missing skin, bruises, numb finger tips, soar muscles, pulled ligaments and stab wounds from tree limbs :cry: . I'm gonna miss flying down CR's in 5th pinned :D or the 40 - 50 mph wheelies :worthy: Riding first gear through the "thick" then down to the "hollers" :devil: The boys managed to eat roughly 23 lbs of fine ass steak :D good job guys!! I have 2.5 hours of helmet cam footage from CMRA and will be creating an hour or so long DVD highlite film in the the near future. Everyone that came will get a copy of course. There is a twist though, if you had a camera you were taking pics with you don't get squat till I get them forwarded to me :worthy:, anyone else that might be interested let me know..

So for the others wondering what Double D's and LBZ were up to after y'all split for home. We took Monday off for well needed rest. Headed down to Lynchberg for a Jack Daniels tour, pretty cool place :cry: Almost passed out taking a huge whiff of the boiling mash :devil: Did you guys know there really is a tool called "the bunghole reamer" :D , I have a pic of it that will be in the DVD slide show, Daveo and I were cracking up over that one and people were laughing at us :cry: Like two kids at the Hershey's chocolate plant.

Anywho, rode LBL for two days, place is pretty cool as well. Have 3 hours of helmet cam footage. Would have had 4 hours but had a camera issue :D . love the jumps on the trail every 50 yards or so, fun as hell and finally got to catch some air. Weather was 31-48 degrees, once you get moving it feels like 70's with a slight mist. Had the whole place to out selves besides the occasional redneck on their quads. Plenty of hill climbs to keep ya entertained. Lots of mushy red clay though, not exactly what you want on hill climbs, so we didn't make all of them to say the least :worthy: Dave and I are in the Holiday Inn Thursday morning plan was to pack and hit the road. Till I wake up with dave repeating "RIDE",,,, "RIDE",,,, "RIDE",,, etc... Sooo we went back again for 3 hours of riding then headed for home, so we really did 3 days at LBL for a whopping $15.00.

So to wrap up this report, I have to seriously get over my fake southern accent :worthy: I couldn't possibly eat more biskets and gravy or grits and plan to never step foot in another Waffle House :worthy:

Now get back to work boys :cry:

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OOOOOOOOOOOOK.... nobody wants to talk since TT erased like 50 post's :) anyway I'll chime in Injury report of kevxr416 :lame:

left strained bicep :)

left strained forearm :D

right strained elbow :D

left strained hamstring :thumbsup:

one bad case of monkey butt :p:D:D:o:applause:

otherwise awesome time :lame::lame:

Suzy please post again so we can talk......I know it frustrating but TT is going thru changes ;):D

also INDY............... Mich. midwest TT ride in May or June :thumbsup:

lets do it agian............ that was way too much big fun :cry::lol::applause::applause::D:lame:

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