are our jugs nikasiled??? was thinking about doing a top end on my bike and was wondering if they were nikasiled or not... how much does the nikasil cost vs. purchasing a new jug??? i know some of you guys have done big bore kits to your wr's and how did they turn out....

sorry but this is for a 02 wr426...

I just wanted to get the valves done clean up the jugs maybe bore if its within my budget and new piston and rings... maybe bump up the compression a lil since i run race/premium mix anyhow it wouldnt hurt one bit..

anyways thought i would throw this out... THX for the help fellas...

I Just got my 490 kit and I had it recoated. I highly recommend a recoat even if you go with a stock oversize piston. :cry:

so i take it they are nikasiled then..

Yes I believe the stock unit is coated with Nickel silicone carbon matrix of 0.07 mm. The nickel matrix is very hard, but it is very ductile compared to other coatings. Dispersed through the nickel are particles of silicon carbide less than 4 microns in size. These extremely hard particles make up 4% of the coating and form a multitude of adhesion spots on which oil can collect. Beside providing a very long wearing surface for the piston and rings, the silicon carbide particles also contribute to longer engine life by ensuring good cylinder lubrication.

This superior process was developed by the German firm Mahle, originally for use in the Mercedes Wankel rotary. Porsche uses Nikasil in their turbocharged 917 - 935 series of race cars. In racing two strokes both Morbidelli and Rotax have had great success with Nikasil and of course it is used in thousands of professional grade chainsaws. :cry:

sweet thx for the info...

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