just bought 98 yz 400f, gimmee your opinion?!?

whats up? i just bought a 98 yz 400f, and i know some stuff about it via the internet, and some friendz, but have only test ridden it. the bike has gobz of torque. and itz a pain to start. thatz all i really know about it. i had a ktm 520, but had to sell it. this is the first bike i have had in 2 years. any info positive or negative would be well taken. thanx

Just learn the drill and it will start right up. Kick slowly until it hits TDC and then pull in the com release push the kick starter down just past TDC then release the decomp. return the kickstarter to the top and give it all you have, (and remember that you give it no gas at all) Mine starts right up. I hope that you are happy with your new toy. I love mine. I might add that when you remember to turn on the gas it help more than you will want to admit hahhahaha.

-Check the valves and do a compression test to see if she needs a rebuild. If it needs it, do it.

-Check the throttle cables where they come into the carb as they tend to fray and will break

-Check the bearings (wheel, swingarm, pivot, steering head) and replace if necessary. I know it sounds like a pain, but is very necessary if you want a bike to feel and handle like it was designed to

-Change oil regularly. I change mine after about every 2-3 rides depending on length and severity

-Clean air filter regularly

-Buy long lasting, hard knobby tires. YZ's have a tendancy to destroy them quickly :cry:

-Not necessary, but you might look into upgrading the brakes. The older YZ's we're lacking.

The bikes are basically bulletproof if you take time to perform the proper maintenence. Oh yeah, last tip........ Ride the hell out of it!

The start drill is pretty easy,Learn it & your 400 will start easy. I've put a zipty racing flywheel weight on mine ( 10oz ) for bush/trail work & also a powerNOW, That made a huge difference to the way it starts & handles in slow tight trails. I do my filter after EVERY ride & do my oil after every 2nd ride. I'm now waiting to see if Suzuki make a RMZ/DRZ-450 as I'd like an electric start etc.But for the time being I'll keep my "ol" trusty YZ400F.

A good bike, plenty of power. Two things you need. Some good ride gear so you don"t hurt too much. Also don't touch the throttle, "don't touch it until it's running. " that thing will start so easy you wont believe it. If it dosen't put a new plug in it.

Ya...Its not like a 2 stroke bike where turnin the throttle to start it actually helps. I have found that on the YZF if you twist the throttle to try to get it runnin, you only end up flooding the engine out. I was at the track once with a buddy (who doesnt know much about thumpers) and I was having a B**CH of a time starting it..well he walked right up to my bike, grabbed the throttle while I was kicken it over and WAMMO, I almost got tossed over the handlebars! I couldnt believe how hard that thing back kicked. So thats another reason not to touch the throttle. Anyways... One thing I will suggest to you is to always turn your gas of when your trailering/not riding etc. that will lesson the chance of the bike flooding out.

thanx for all the input, i have it down pat now!

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