My 05 keeps popping when decelerating. Installing FMF Power Core

I have done all the Mod, Cut holes in the Air Box. Disconnected the grey wire, replaced the screw and put on FMF Power Core exhaust. Installed a 167 main and it is still popping when decelerating. I have been told that this is cause by the AIS???? I ride in high desert area of So Cal. 3000 to 4500 feet. Will this hurt my bike??? And what can I do to fix. :cry:

Put in a 48 pilot and 170 main, buy an 04 WR needle and put it in clip #4, rip out the fuel screw plug and buy an adjustable fuel screw turn it out 2 turns. :cry: Oh Yeah and get rid of that AIS with the Lowedog kit from TT member " Lowedog" . PM him and send him your money! :cry:

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