Best Radiator Guards?

Ok guys--I'm looking for some advice here. I need a set of radiator braces/guards for my brand spankin' new '04 WR450. DeVol look like good ones, but what else is out there? Who makes the best bang for the buck? I also will need a good skid plate--those oil lines down by the frame look a little vulnerable. A well-placed rock could sure ruin your ride. Anybody got any favorites?

unabiker. You can buy them at our forum TT store :cry:

I'm currently having Devol rad guards and WB skid plate and frame guards added to my bike.

Second vote for is a picture on my 05 :cry:UNABIKER RADIATOR GUARD-BRACE

Had the Devols on the 03 and had some issues with side protection. Started looking for something better and found Unibiker here on TT. Fit and finish and strenght all top notch, makes the Devols look wimpy!

this was threaded 3 days ago. try a search and your will find all the info you need :cry:

I originally installed Works Connection Rad. guards on my 04' 450f. they gave reasonable torsion protection, but no frontal and little side coverage. Then I started riding it in the jungle here in Cambodia. There is LOTS of bamboo, and when you go through thickets, it's like a hazard course full of punji stakes. They want to go through the front of your radiator, the front of you chect protector, too!

I added a Rooster Rad. protector and am very happy with the it. The installation was seamless, spot on. My engine gets hot quicker at low spead...but the trade off in extra protection is worth it. Holeing a Radiator in the middle of the jungle would not be good!

I bought the Works Connection Brace & Devol Guards for my 98 WR after putting a hole in the left radiator after a simple wipe out. Don from the TT shop was excellent and shipped it to me in the UK. The exchange rate is great and saved me a fortune even with Customs & Postage.

It feels like a tank now nothing is going to kill that radiator now


Unabiker for sure. TT store. You won't find better protection. Also available in different colors.

I cannot say enough good about Unabiker. Crash tested!!

UNABIKER. is way better then devol. and the MSR skid plate is twice as thick as the devol one.. that's my 2 cents

The best design wraps around to the gas tank mounts so that it is a front guard as well as a side impact brace. Unabiker was smart enough to make one unit do both. When the WR450 first came out I put a devol guard and bolted a works connection brace together and made my own Unabiker system. My cost was twice as much and is very comparable in strength. Unabiker has made it a much easier mounting and cleaner looking full protection guard that is better than anything else I have seen. :)

ThumperRacing out of Texas. Very strong frame mounted, total protection

I have been crash testing them since 2000, including one endo were I got to watch my bike flip end over end as I flew thru the air next to the bike.


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