03' WR450 kickstart failure?

I have a friend that has a 03' WR450 that the kickstart started making a crazy noise and it was coming from the kickstart.Well 20-30mins later the kickstart broke off and cracked the case.Is this a common problem with these?Is there much to fixing this problem?

I've heard of this happening on an 05 as well, of the subject but my 05 is so easy to kick start all I do is slightly push down on it and it's ready to go.

Yes the shaft is hollow and a bad hard kick can break them. Use the e-start if you have it on your bike. Much more reliable. :cry:

yami 450s kick very very easily. of you are putting enough force into it to bust the shaft, your doing something WRONG. :cry:

lets see some pictures.

Same thing just happened on my buddy's '03. He removed the starter a while ago to avoid problems with it and now he has a $400.00 fix to do on the other side of the motor. Things become weaker the lighter you make them.


I have an 03 and i broke my case using the kick start!!! What happened was that my starter would'nt turn the motor over so i thought i'll just use my trusty little kickstarter,so i kicked over one time and it kicked back so hard it blew a hole in the back side of the kick start mound!! What the ****!!Well the cheep fix was to have the case welded.The kick start stop faled . Yamaha said that my idle was to low,what a crock of shit.This bike came with a shit starting system and crappy cases.And after that got fixed i did the 04 fix when i noticed that the side cover on the starter side was cracked on the in side,then after i fixxed that the starter clutch went out,fixxed that and all is well for now!!! cross my fingers but leave one up for yamaha..The middle one :)

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