Jetting Recommendations

My '05 will be arriving in a couple of weeks along with my JD kit, however, I am a total carb novice. Fuel injection, no problem...Carburetor, fuhgeddaboudit! I've looked over the JD directions and they appear pretty easy to follow. However, I understand they don't cover a couple of other necessary carb issues, i.e. the leak jet, pilot jet, etc. Any advice as far as proper starting points for the various adjustments would be most appreciated. I live at approximately 4800' ASL and ride anywhere between 3500' to 6500'. Low temps in the upper 40's, highs in the upper 80's and EXTREMELY low humidity at all times. How should I set it up? Many thanks in advance...SC

Start with a 165 main, JD Blue #4, 48 pilot, 40 leak, 72 starter. :cry:

Clark, I ride in Fallon. Sometimes I'm at 7000ft. ASL, I've been using all of the stock fuel and air jets and needle on #4 clip in an 01 WR426 but changed to a 160 main. YZ pipe. Never have fouled a plug at that ASL. Bike runs strong all of the time. One kick starter.

I ride at 6000ft+ here in Colorado Springs. I also run a 160 main and it runs solid everywhere. I run a stock pipe basically unplugged with a modified end cap.

I also dropped the Pilot to a 40 and it starts good and pulls solid off the bottom.I have the JD kit and run the Red needle at JD's suggested clip.

Jetting is a personal thing and is less science and more like voodoo.

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