650r weight

Where does all the weight come from? I am contemplating an aluminum crf450 frame conversion on my 650. I didnt know how much weight that could shed. I know it will handle better.

Is it worth the money? The 650r is an oinker. However, compare it to other bikes like a DRZ or KLX which are just as heavy. The XR is overbuilt, thus it is heavy. My buddy has a DRZ and it's heavy but way too fragile. He dropped it once and the shifter shot through the sidecase. The xr won't do that to you. My thoughts are that if you want a light bike go out and buy one. Sure that's a great project, but I'd be curious to see if the CRF frame could stand up to the torque and abuse the 650r unleashes on it's frame and it's counterpats... :cry:

I have both a CRF450 and an XR650. I've given some thought to that same idea. But after looking closely at the two, I don't think it can be done without a WHOLE bunch of work, then the handling would be a total wildcard. I didn't measure this, but the XR650 motor looks to be about 6" longer front-to-rear than the 450. And from what I'm told the motor weighs at least 20 lbs more than the 450's. Even if you could make it work, you'd end up with a 265-lb bike. And hundreds of hours of very custom work. If you have access to a full machine shop and are a very talented fabricator/ welder, you might be able to make it work. But what's the point?

The 650 works perfect as is- for its intended use. It'll never be a motocrosser or a nimble woods machine. It still wouldn't be any good at either of those uses in a CRF chassis.

Just my $.02...

I'd agree, Waaay too much work and what would the real outcome be ??

The BRP handles just fine ,Hides the weight great,20 to 40 pounds more then some other 4 strokes,Not that bad IMO :cry:

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