2004 Triple Clamps


I've searched for the answer to this but am still confused..!!

I want to fit a fatbars/triple clamp setup to my '04 WRF450 and was all set to order a Pro Taper adjustable one for an '03 YZF450 from rocky mountain, but they tell me that it won't fit my bike. I'm aware that some mods to the odo bracketry will be needed.

I'm pretty sure that it will fit from what I've read on here, but can anyone who's actually done it confirm for sure ?

Also, rocky mountain list a Longhorn clamp for an 04-05 WR450, but I thought the forks were different sizes between the 04 & 05 models, maybe the outer assembly tube is the same OD??

Any one have experience of the quality of 'Longhorn' brand??

Any help greatly appreciated as I'm ordering from the UK & don't want to get something I can't use!

03 yzf/same as 04 wr, 05 wr/same as 04 yzf. you are correct that the 03 yzf clamps will fit your bike. the longhorn brand may have a set that is in reality too big for the 04 and too small for the 05(tryin' to save manufacturing costs?) or it could just be a misprint. you get what you pay for most of the time! :cry:

The Pro-Taper clamps will fit fine but the triple clamp bolts are forward facing instead of side facing and modification to the brackets will be required. You’ll need to bend the number plate bracket tabs 90 degrees and do a slight mod on the odo bracket.

I have a Pro-Taper upr triple (fat,new) sitting in the garage, PM me if you like (switched to GPR/Applied).

I tried to PM you, not sure if it worked tho'

PM me back if not

Spice Boy...

Been there, done that.

Look Here.

If you go this route, you'll want bend the "wire-connector bracket" on the left hand side of the top triple clamp like so...

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