Thinking about a new pipe for my '04

I posted this yesterday but with the database issues it looks like some posts have been lost ------- So thanks for responding agian if you did before

My new '04 has been in the grage for the winter (only 2 rides before I put it away) and I'm starting to run out of projects (new bars, tires,protection, jetting...ect) so I started thinkin about a new exhaust. I had a Q on my 400 and I liked the sound but thought it was a little loud. I bought the 400 with the Q on it so I could not compare perfomance. So the Q was my first thought (and the fact the it seems to be the hands down most popular aftermarket pipe for non-closed course bikes). But after reading the dirt rider article on the '05s, where they raved about the sound and performance levels that the '05s exhaust, I thought that the '05 muffler would be an option. I beliver the headder is the same but no biggie if not. Has anyone looked into this, or tried it?


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