No Start after long sit

Hey guys it's me Dennis. Haven't been on for awhile. Anyway the WR has been sitting for about a month. I never drained the gas out of it, but it was only a month old or so. I kicked the damn thing until the cows came home and no start. Being 100 degrees here in Michigan you can tell I was ticked after the experience. Any ideas getting this beast back to life? Anything would help. I don't want to play with a bunch of crap, it's hotter than hell in my garage!!!


Dennis :)

Did the same thing. The only way I got mine started was to hold the throttle open and kick it through a dozen times or so with the CR lever pulled in. Then let everything go and kick it normal. I believe I left the choke and hot start off also when I got it started. I tried both the choke and hot start buttons before doing the above drill.

Mine has done that since day one...two or three weeks alone and you have to perform CPR to bring it back to life. :) The last two times this happened I decided to smack it with a short spray of either like I do my ATV's. For me it works great, Just pull back the filter a bit hit it and she barks on the first crank. :D

Bonzai... :D

May be the heat and humidity, That really screws with the jetting, especily if thats not normal climate for you guys. Once your started you shold be ok so maybe the ether is the way to go. You could yank the hose from the hot start circuit and put the ether in there if you dont want to pull the seat off :) . Be carefull, as Yam noted if you use to much the bikes become addicted and its hard to get em off it, next thing you know you got an ether baby on your hands and you have to take it out on the trail with you, your bike starts to loose interest in normal air, it becomes distant and reclusive,, you know the story. :D .

Yam, if your bike consistantly dose not start you shold dial your jetting in a bit more.


I'd start by simply draining the carb. Small quantities of fuel go bad faster than large ones.

good luck

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