xr650r clutch replacement...extra fiber?

Picked up new clutch internals for my 2002 BRP today. They sold me 6 plates, 7 fibers, ans one "special" "different" fiber. What is this for? Is this the extra piece I have read about as a fix for our clutches? Where does it go in the clutch? Does anyone understand? hello....Bueller?

The extra peice is a metal disc that I've installed in my pig.....According the the information that I've read..It's working great..No prob...

Maybe it's a improved design, Realizing ther was a need for a better set up :cry:

No frank it's not. The extra disc is a fiber that comes with the kit. If you look on the exploded view on Service Honda there is a fiber Plate A. and a PlateB. Put the smaller fiber in first and then go with your normal sequence of metal/fiber.

so, after putting in the extra fiber, I put in a regular fiber right on top of it, followed by metal/fiber/metal/fiber/metal/fiber/metal/fiber/metal/fiber/metal/fiber? I do believe there to be 8 total fibers now and only 6 metals. Does this sound correct? My 650 shop manual does not account for this extra fiber.

Also, should I soak these in oil before assembly?



I don't know about the xtra fiber :cry: ,But you do need to soak them in oil before installation :cry:

You should have mult. normal looking fibers and then one that doesn't have as much fiber material on it with regards to height. If you put them against each other you'll see the difference. Soak them for sure for about a half hour. Start, right after the judder, with the small fiber than go metal than go to regular fibers and then metal..etc.etc.

This is what Precision Concepts sells you for a clutch replacement;

4- HD springs

7- 22201-MW3-960

6- 22321-KA4-710

They even took my buddy into the shop and changed one on Johnny Campbell's bike to show him how to do the job.

Expect to pay list price...Best price is Service Honda by 60 bucks.

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