Spring setup

I just searched the forums for my question, and there seems to be a little disgreement in what size spring to get for my 01 WR426. I weigh 205 and it seems I should take about a 5.6kg spring, but a lot of TTr's are saying not to go by the Racetech chart and go a little stiffer with the 5.8kg. What is better, to get one a liitle too soft or a little too hard? I do mostly trail riding but love to do big jumps with my kids. also which makes the bigger difference, changing the front spring or the rear? Thanks for any help.

OK, I am 240lbs, without gear and when I called RaceTech directly I explained what type of riding I do and my skill level ( desert trail and big jumps ) they recommended a 5.8kg spring :D I must be dumb or something :) but I couldn't set my sag correctly so I called them and they said they would set it for me no charge. Great, when I got there Dominick set me up and then recommended I change my fork springs or it would be difficult to balance out. :o I did what Dom recommended and I was done in under 45min. :p I was impressed with the fact that Dom recommended I wait to revalve until it really needed it. ;) But I was more impressed with how much better the bike handles. :D Like night and day. I would call and talk to Dominick ( Dom ) I don't think you will be disappointed. I'm not, and the avatar pic is me in Cal City about 6' to 7' ft. in the air, and no bottoming out. :)

you definately wanna do them at the same time,if you ride hard i'd go to the stiff side. the wr's are valved softly,i went to the next size up from reccomended and am glad i did. i'm 280 and run .52/6.6. :)

Thanks guys, I think I'm going with a .48/5.8 setup.

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