dose anyone have an odometer they would like to sell that you are not using off your WR?? I have a 99 YZ400 and i want to put one on...........

i have that panorama computer but its shit, already returned it once in the first year....display always messes up.....anyone else have one of those....have problems with it??? i even take it off when i spray my bike off.......still the thing is f&**ed

anyways im from canada so i need an odometer that is in Kilometers NOT miles..........

toyota mdt tech might have a km one that he replaced. you'll need a wr hub and odo drive,and cable. :cry:

toyota mdt tech might have a km one that he replaced. you'll need a wr hub and odo drive,and cable. :cry:

Yes, I still have it. Its brand new, o miles, but like NCMM said, you ned toe cable, hub...

PM me if you want it. But it is in Kilometers!

Hey Tammie, mine's been sitting in a kitchen cupboard for a few years now so I may as well sell it. I originally took it off to make room to tuck my GPS behind the headlight and never put it back on.

Does your YZ hub have the odometer drive in it? If you just need the wheel spacer that the cable goes in we can trade spacers. If you need the hub also we could trade wheels if you like. I have spare front and rear rims so it wouldn't keep me from riding.

My odometer IS in kilometers because, like you, I am Canadian.

I'm 1300 miles due north of you but I can arrange to have First Air deliver mine to you and pick yours up, if you're interested, should only take 2 or 3 days.

(Posted on the YZ site first.)

You can have my odo and cable. I can see if the guy who just bought my bike can trade you the drive. I am in Mississauga and he is in Burlington.

I can bring them to the ODSC AGM if you are going.

b.t.w. I had one of the original Pamoram's on the bike and I had no problems with it.

The key to making the Panoram and Trail Tech work reliably is the little rubber mounting pad and keeping water out of them. The rubbr pad keeps them from getting vibration damage. :)

well i do have the billet dash protector for it and i always take it off when washing...........i don't know, just no luck.....

ok anyone have that problem where the display won't stay on...i just bought a brand new battery thought that was the problem but its not...

is there no fixing this thing??

I sent you an email about the wheel. Can't help with the computer.

My Panoram has lost its display a couple of times while riding hard trails. I looked down while riding to see a blank display. Had to pull the battery and re-connect to fix it. Hasn't happened for about 6 months now.

I went through two panoram computers on my old WR400 before I decided that even though they would replace them for free, that I wasn't happy with the product. The very same thing happened to both of mine that you discribed. I replaced mine with the speedometer (mechanical) from a 2001 XT 350 Yamaha. Been on my WR 450 now for just over 2 years and almost 3000 miles and never had even the slightest problem. I had to make my own mount and wire in the existing light, plus I used the oversized knob from a TTR 250 Yamaha to make rewinds quicker. I mounted it on the right side where the stock odometer is located so I had to remake the on/off button mount and move it to the left side. It was a little more money than the Panoram, $117.00 vs $ 79.00 but well worth it.


Get the ICO dual sport. A much better product. I went through 2 before dumping them.


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